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TSRRC is dedicated to ensuring access to sustainable and equitable resources for transgender and nonbinary individuals, as well as our queer siblings.


By addressing the social determinants of health, we work to remove systemic barriers related to housing, employment, education, and healthcare.


We envision a world that is inclusive and has a just environment where everyone can thrive, regardless of gender identity or expression. 

Our Administrative Team.

Our Administrative Team is responsible for shaping the Trans Solutions Culture. They work together to ensure that TSRRC is a safe, welcoming, and efficient space for all that we serve. Sustainability and equity are two of the key thoughts that remain at the top of this teams list.

Our Resource Team.

Our Resource Team is responsible for providing resource navigation, case coordination, and program facilitation. Our Resource Coordinators understand the importance of maintaining a client centered approach, providing trauma informed care, and addressing the social determinants of health.

Our Outreach Team.

Our Outreach Team is always available to engage with and educate the community. Rather it's in your neighborhood, a resource fair, your favorite coffee shop, night club, or college campus; they are always waiting for you to walk up and say, "Hello". If you want to know more about TSRRC, they can't wait to help you with that.

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